Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Check off these simple home maintenance items to get your home’s Plumbing ready for Spring.


Clean Gutter and Downspouts
Make sure gutters and downspouts direct water away from the house.  It will ensure proper flow of water from the roof and the home’s foundation and help prevent damage to your landscaping and siding.

Check lawn sprinkler system for leaky valves, exposed lines, and improperly working sprinkler heads.

Have Your Septic Tank Inspected
Having annual inspections will prevent costly and messy sewer backups.

Flush Out Your Drain Waste and Vent System
Plumbing air vents prevent sewer gases from entering the home and allow wastewater gas and odor to escape so it’s important to keep them clean and clear.

Check Outside Faucets
Make sure there is no freeze damage. If the flow of water stops by placing your thumb over the opening, you most likely have a damaged pipe inside the home.


Check for Plumbing Leaks
After the last winter freeze, check your water meter for leaks. Main culprits for leaks are toilets, outdoor spigots, irrigation systems and pipes on exterior walls.

Consider Adding a Backup Sump Pump
Make sure your sump pump is functioning properly and consider adding a battery operated back up in case the electricity goes out. This could save you thousands in water damage.

Benefits of Water Purification Systems

Water purification systems provide cleaner, healthier water in your home by removing chlorine and other unhealthy substances. Water Softeners, Filters and Reverse Osmosis Systems can be used to improve the quality of your homes’ drinking water.

Softeners eliminate the minerals that cause hard water. Filtration Systems remove iron and sulfur without the use of harsh chemicals. Reverse Osmosis Systems can turn your tap water into bottled quality water.

Our plumbing experts can help to find the best solution for you and your home.

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