Plumbing leak locating services in Central Ohio.

Leak Locating Services

You may realize you have an unforeseen leak issue when you receive your water bill.  Your water bill may be extremely high and yet there are no evident signs of a leak.  There is a chance you are losing water underground. These leaks could eventually cause structural damage if not handled quickly.  Or you may smell a sewer smell that can be possibly indicative of a drain line break either under the floor or in the wall.  Atlas Butler Plumbing Services can now help in these situations!

Signs To Look For To Identify Possible Leaks

  • Soft or moist areas in the yard
  • Greener grass in one area
  • Moisture on the walls, ceilings or concrete slab
  • Musty smell or sewer smell
  • Moisture or cracks in foundation walls
  • Dripping sounds

Things to Check

  • With no water running in the home, check water meter to see if it is spinning
  • Look for dripping shower heads and faucets
  • Listen for running water or dripping sounds
  • Die test toilets
  • Check around the water heater
  • Look for moisture around the water meter, specifically where the pipe penetrates the foundation wall
  • Check the sump pump pit for excessive water entry
  • Look for signs of water on the basement floor, sidewalks, or driveway; water may be escaping through surface cracks or causing uneven surfaces due to water pressure below

Atlas Butler Plumbing Specialists have been trained to use specialized equipment from Leaktronics to locate hidden leaks. We will locate those hard to find leaks for a flat fee with no trip charge, diagnose the problem, offer a detailed report of the problem, suggest solutions and provide a quote to make the necessary repairs.