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Since 1921, you have been able to count on Atlas Butler for your heating and cooling needs.  Now you can count on the same Atlas Butler expertise and reliability for your plumbing and drain cleaning needs.

One Call Does It All!

Atlas Butler Plumber installing a tankless water heater in Columbus Ohio

Atlas Butler Is Built To Keep You Comfortable

  • We have 24-hour access to parts.
  • Our vehicles are stocked with parts, increasing the chances we can quickly fix your problem.
  • Our plumbers are all company employed (no subcontractors).
  • You will always get a live person when you call. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Atlas Butler Comfort Club

When you join the Atlas Butler Comfort Club, you save money on new products, diagnostic fees and more. Click here to see which membership program can save you the most money on your next product purchase.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Atlas Butler offers, in writing, a No Lemon Guarantee, a Property Protection Guarantee, and a 90 day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.