Dealing with a Leaking Garbage Disposal

If you have water under your sink and ruled out a leaking pipe, then the culprit may be the garbage disposal.  It’s a source of leakage that doesn’t always come to mind first. The good news is that most disposal repairs aren’t hugely expensive, but in some cases, it might just make more sense to replace the garbage disposal completely. Listed below are some common causes of disposal leaks. If you are the DIY type, you may be able to tackle these repairs yourself. If not, reach out to the service pros at Atlas Butler by calling 614-681-2183.

  1. Sink flange. A garbage disposal is connected to your sink with a flange and sealed with plumber’s putty. When that flange gets jarred loose or rusts, it will leak. The way to fix this is by resealing the area.
  2. Loose drain lines. When you look under your sink, you will see two hoses connected to the garbage disposal. One is for the dishwasher and the larger one sends waste from the garbage disposal to the sewer system. A remedy is to tighten the clamp on the dishwasher hose or tighten the screws on the outbound hose.
  3. Broken seal. A sign of this is if the disposal is leaking from the bottom. Usually, this means the disposal’s internal seals have worn out. Another possible cause is if a piece of silverware or some other sharp item was accidentally dropped into the disposal and damaged the seal. The recommended solution in this instance is to go ahead and replace the entire garbage disposal.

If your garbage disposal is leaking and your attempt to fix it yourself have failed, call Atlas Butler Plumbing. Our phones are answered 24/7 and we’ll send one of our licensed plumbers over — in most cases, on the same day. We can give you estimates on repairing or garbage disposal replacement.