There is nothing worse than turning on the shower and getting low water pressure. Or how about trying to fill a large pot full of water for cooking and only a trickle comes out of the sink. There are a few causes of low water pressure, but they all result in not enough water flowing through the pipes.

Common points for low water pressure are valves and shower heads, which may result from scale or calcium buildup in pipes and fixtures. Buildup is caused by minerals that exist in municipal hard water systems, and there really isn’t much you can do to prevent it. One DIY tip is to clean your shower head yourself in a solution of vinegar and water and some good old-fashioned elbow grease. However, when it comes to trying to clean out the pipes yourself, proceed with caution. Many OTC drain cleaners can cause even more harm to your pipes and a maintenance call from a licensed plumber will cost you less in the end.

Scale and calcium buildup also affects your faucets and shower heads, which in some cases, may require replacement. A shower head is a simple fix, but sink, tub and kitchen faucets may be a little trickier and may require a plumbing professional

If you are experiencing low water pressure, call the service pros at Atlas Butler Plumbing at 614-681-2183. We can diagnose the problem and recommend a solution, which may include replacing old valves, or something simple like a chemical solution to remove scale buildup. We also install water softeners to remove those particles from your water supply before they reach your pipes, valves and faucets.