A sluggish or inoperable garbage disposal can be frustrating and inconvenient. The main clue that you have a problem is if the disposal emits a hum when you turn it on instead of a the familiar grinding noise. Before you call a plumber, try this DIY tip.

Take the tool that came with your disposal when it was installed. It is silver and bent at both ends and looks like an Allen wrench. Insert one end into the opening at the bottom of the disposal and gently move the tool from side to side. It should move easily and at the same time, dislodge any clogs.

If that doesn’t help, call Altas Butler Plumbing and have one of our pros check it out. If the disposal needs replaced, we can handle that as well.

Atlas Butler has served Central Ohio for decades and our plumbing team lives by the same principles of quality and service that we are known for on the HVAC side. If you would like one of our plumbing pro’s to check out your kitchen sink disposal, call us at 614-681-2183 to schedule an appointment.