Many clogged bathroom drains are due to a build-up of hair. A quick way to tell is if the drain in the sink or shower is draining slowly or is completely backed up. If the water eventually dissipates, then you probably have a hair clog. One easy solution is to get a Zip-It tool, which is a thin serrated plastic strip that you poke down your drain, which you can find online or in a big box or hardware store. (They also go by names like “Hair Weasel.”) The plastic teeth on the strip will catch the hair and you can easily pull it out and dispose of it. However, if the Zip-It didn’t work or you suspect a more serious problem, then contact the service pros at Atlas Butler. We can take a look and see if your drains need to be snaked or rooted or if there is a more serious problem like damaged pipes or tree root obstruction. We are available 24/7; call us at 614-681-2183.