Get Stubborn Drains Flowing Again

If are frustrated with chronically clogged drains and backups, consider high-pressure drain cleaning. Also known as hydro-jetting, this method of drain cleaning forces a stream of high-pressure water through the pipes to break up clogs and improve water flow. This is really something that you shouldn’t DIY, as if you’re not experienced, things could easily get out of hand, and you’ll end up with more problems than just slow drains. The plumbers at Atlas Butler are experienced in high-pressure drain cleaning and can use this clog-busting technology to force debris through your pipes and discharge it into the sewer system.

High-pressure drain cleaning can get rid of most clogs, including grease, hair, coffee grounds, and even small tree roots. In cases where larger tree roots are a problem, your Atlas Butler technician will recommend the best remedy for removing them. Often, what you put down the sink isn’t even the problem. In areas with hard water, calcium and other mineral deposits build up inside the pipes, which blocks pipes. Hydro-jetting can clean those away as well.

High-pressure drain cleaning has other benefits including economy; it’s more cost-effective than other popular methods of eliminating clogs because it doesn’t require special equipment (like drilling) or chemicals. That said, the absence of harsh chemicals makes hydro-jetting an environmentally friendly practice.  It’s also a speedy process and eliminates any foul odors coming from your drains or in your basement.

If you think high-pressure drain cleaning is a solution to your backed-up sewer lines or clogged sinks, or slow drains, call Atlas Butler Plumbing at 614-681-2183. Our phone is answered 24/7 by a live person and in most cases, you can get a same-day appointment.