How to Prevent Frozen Pipes in the Winter

As temperatures drop, frozen pipes are a big concern for many homeowners. If your pipes freeze during a cold snap, they can burst from the pressure and make a huge mess after the ice clog thaws. In addition to water damage to floors and walls,  tremendous mess, burst pipes can be very costly to repair or replace. There are many ways that you can protect your pipes from freezing during the winter and we will discuss those below. But first, one note of caution: Do not try to thaw frozen pipes on your own; you could start a house fire. If you experience frozen pipes, call the professional plumbers at Atlas Butler to help you safely thaw them

Insulate your pipes

This is an easy fix. You can use something as inexpensive as those foam swimming pool noodles that your kids use in the pool during the summer. Simply slit them open and place them over the pipes. You can also find pipe tape at your local hardware store; just wrap the tape around your pipes and they will be protected from freezing temperatures.

Heat tape

Heat tape is like pipe tape as you just wind it around the pipes. The difference is that heat tape is plugged into an electrical outlet to keep the water in the pipe warm. Just use caution if the heat tape is anywhere near insulation or in a tightly enclosed area.

Leave interior cabinet doors open

If the forecast calls for extreme cold, we recommend leave interior cabinet doors open to let heat circulate around the exposed pipes. This is particularly important for pipes that run along exterior walls, such as beneath the kitchen sink.

Let faucets drip

Allow a trickle of water to run through all of the household faucets. Yes, it might seem like a waste of water, but, a steady stream of water running through the pipes will prevent water pressure from building up. Water that is not moving is more likely to freeze, which can lead to a pipe burst.

Remove all garden hoses from outdoor spigots

At the end of autumn, remove and drain all hoses and bring them in for storage. You can buy inexpensive faucet covers for outdoor faucets to prevent them from freezing. You can also shut off any outdoor water lines for the winter.

Atlas Butler Plumbing is a phone call away

These simple suggestions can protect your pipes so you won’t experience a plumbing emergency in the dead of winter. If you do find yourself with a frozen or burst pipe, we are here for you. First and most importantly, find the main shutoff valve in your home and turn the water off. Second, call  Atlas Butler Plumbing at 614-681-2183. We are available to take your call 24×7 for plumbing emergencies.  We have proudly served Central Ohio for decades, and we will be here for you when you need us.